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Velox Plus is an easily applied hard vinyl-based anti-fouling paint for the protection of propellers, shafts, rudders, trim tabs, stern drives and other metal parts permanently immersed in water.

With excellent adhesion qualities against electricity and water pressure, Velox Plus is easy to clean in situ and resistant to damage from stray lines.

It is suitable for parts made of bronze or similar alloys, steel, aluminium and metal parts treated with factory paint (for example aluminium stern drives).

Velox Plus is an anti-fouling suitable for the protection of propellers, shafts, rudders, trim tabs, stern drives and other metal parts permanently immersed in water. Thanks to its combination of soluble and insoluble resins and its additives, it provides excellent adhesion to all metal surfaces and good anti-fouling power. It is suitable for parts made of bronze or similar alloys, steel, aluminium and metal parts treated with factory paint (for example aluminium stern drives).

Thanks to its combination of soluble and insoluble resins and its additives, it provides excellent adhesion to all metal surfaces.

It provides resistance to galvanic currents, that are the main cause of film detachments.

Velox Plus is the most appreciated product of the entire Marlin range and is currently exported all over the world, from America to Australia, from Europe to the Far East. ​Tens of thousands of boats successfully use Velox Plus, a rapidly growing number both in Italy and abroad thanks to the excellent results obtained, the growing demand and the expansion of the distribution network. ​Velox Plus complies with the strictest regulations and has recently been approved by the environmental protection bodies of the United States and Australia, considered among the strictest in the world. 

In applying Velox Plus, as well as Marlin Paint's Metal Primer, Boating Products also recommends the one-off use of our two-pack Etch Primer, where the metal substrate has been subject to silicon saturation. 

Velox Plus protects underwater metals from marine growth for 1-2 years, assuming;

  • Regular use of your boat, which is 1 to 2 times per week.
  • A galvanic isolator is in use for protection above 0.4V where necessary, noting battery charging full time, solar panels or wind generator may generate electrical discharge causing galvantic issues.
  • Substrates are prepared properly and the product is applied as directed. 
    • Where you are applying Marlin's Metal Primer on to bare metal please note the preparation relative to an etch primer 


  • Lower running costs
  • Reduced maintenance load
  • Increased fuel efficiency 

Coverage recommendation

  • The shelf life of Velox Plus & Metal Primer is 48 months so you can store what you don’t use for next time. For this reason, we recommend overestimating your usage.
  • Manufacturer’s coverage Velox Plus 10m2/L, Metal Primer 10m2/L, Etch Primer 18m2/L, provided as a guide only.
  • As an example, a Bertram 35 twin prop and all metals, trim tabs etc will be covered by the minimum volumes: 0.5L Etch Primer, 0.25L Metal Primer, 0.5L Velox Plus
  • Characteristics



    White, Grey, Black

    Solid by Volume


    Specific Gravity



    580-600 g/l




    48 months (storage between 10°C and 40°C, protected from excessive humidity and direct sunlight)

    Theoretical Yield

    10-12 m2/L per coat (80-90 microns wet, 30-35 microns dry)


    Brush, Roller, Airless Spray


    N. 4

    Surface Preparation

    • SURFACE ALREADY TREATED WITH VELOX PLUS IN GOOD CONDITION: Pressure wash with fresh water and/or wet sand with medium fine paper.
    • BARE METAL PARTS (BRONZE, STAINLESS STEEL, ALUMINIUM): Degrease, then sand with coarse paper (no. 80). Possibly sandblast or sandblast. After sanding, absolutely do not wash with water, detergents, acids or general solvents. If necessary, use a wax & grease remover then clean thoroughly with a dry, clean cloth. Then prime with METAL PRIMER.
    • PARTS TREATED WITH FACTORY PAINT: Stern drives and other aluminium parts are normally treated with factory paints. These should not be removed. Degrease, sand lightly with fine paper or abrasive felt, then prime with METAL PRIMER.


    • BRUSH or ROLLER: Apply three coats VELOX PLUS 3 hours apart at 20°, waiting 3 hours after applying the METAL PRIMER.
    • AIRLESS SPRAY: Apply one coat (180 microns wet). Recommended nozzle 0.12-0.18, max opening 30 degrees, pressure 100-180 PSI.

    Drying Times





    Dust Out

    30 min

    20 min

    15 min

    Touch Dry

    3 hours

    2 hours

    1.5 hours

    For Re-coating*

    6 hours

    3 hours

    2 hours

    For Launching*

    24 hours

    12 hours

    8 hours

    *If possible, we recommend letting both METAL PRIMER and VELOX PLUS dry well between one coat and another and before launching, especially in cases of high humidity or low temperatures. The ideal is to apply one coat of product per day and wait two days for launching.

    Suggestions to follow

    • When preparing bare metal for METAL PRIMER the surface should be keyed to 80 grit. Contrast this to ETCH PRIMER, where chemical bond requires less keying.  80 grit gives approximately 120 micro profile, resulting in 80 micron score in the metal.  
    • NEVER use acids or acid-based products to descale or clean the metal surfaces before applying the METAL PRIMER (for example, the products normally used to dissolve barnacles or are acid-based).
    • Do not use detergents, dirty solvents, or water to wash the surfaces after sanding.
    • Do not touch the surfaces with bare hands before applying the METAL PRIMER.
    • For cleaning the surface, use only wax and grease remover or equivalent with clean cloths.
    • Do not apply in case of extreme humidity and/or strong temperature changes. Watch out for dew point and condensation on metals, especially early in the morning. If in doubt, the metal parts can be dried with a jet of hot air and the surfaces washed with a wax and grease remover or equivalent.
    • Do not apply the product with temperatures below 5°C or above 38°C. In case of temperatures below 10°C it is important to wait at least 48 hours for launching after the last coat.
    • The minimum drying times are indicative, it is always advisable to let the product dry for as long as possible between coats in any situation. Beware of high humidity, which significantly lengthens drying times. Whenever possible, we recommend waiting up to 24 hours or more between coats.
    • To obtain an excellent result, the preparation of the surface is essential, which at the time of applying the METAL PRIMER must be very rough (the rougher it is, the better adhesion you will have) and clean, free from grease, dust or other dirt (even fingerprints sweat or traces of solvents or water).
    • Never apply VELOX PLUS over any other type of antifouling or directly over bare metal.
    • The product is ready to use, it is strongly advised not to dilute both METAL PRIMER and VELOX PLUS.
    • Mix very thoroughly before use. The product may present a marked separation due to the heavy pigments present in the formulation.
    • It is advisable not to stay connected to the electricity outlet when at mooring. Strong galvanic currents significantly reduce the effectiveness of antifouling for metal parts and can cause severe detachments.
    • Bare aluminium parts without the factory paint must be treated with an anticorrosive epoxy cycle (e.g. 2-3 coats of PRIMEPOX) before applying METAL PRIMER.
    • The treatment of the propellers and metal parts is delicate, we recommend that you do it before the other jobs in order to have enough time to do it in a workmanlike manner.
    • Respect the recommended quantities to obtain a good result. The product is ready to use, the use of thinner is not recommended.
    • In case of antifouling application several months before launching, it is preferable to keep the boat away from direct sunlight and rain (for example with a black plastic bag).

    Safety & Environment

    Please observe the precautions written on the container or for more detailed information consult the product safety data sheet. Use appropriate personal protective equipment.

    For disposal, use the appropriate containers usually present in the storage location or ask the site managers. Dispose of according to current regulations.

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