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Mordant primer for metals, specifically designed to be used before VELOX PLUS anti-fouling. It can be applied to bronze, steel, aluminium, but also to stern drive factory paints or epoxy protective systems. Only one coat should be applied.

Marlin has very recently released an improved version with greater adhesion even in the presence of strong galvanic currents.

Thanks to an important research and development project carried out in collaboration with universities and research laboratories, critical problems were discovered due to which METAL PRIMER could suffer detachments in the presence of strong galvanic currents, for example in the event that the boat remains connected to electricity outlet for extended periods. This problem has been overcome thanks to innovative adhesion promoters and galvanic current inhibitors, so for the new season 2024 METAL PRIMER will have significantly better adhesion.






Brush, Roller, Spray


0.25L, 0.5L

Volume Solids

35 - 40%


550 - 600 g/L


10 – 11 m2/L per coat (90-100 micron wet film)

Specific Gravity

1.20 - 1.30​


N. 4


48 months (storage temperature between 10°C e 40°C, protected from excessive humidity and direct sunlight)

Mixing Ratio

One component

Surface preparation 
1. Remove all existing antifouling or other coating using sandpaper n. 80, manually or with careful use of a dual action rotary sander (we suggest using a soft pad in order not to damage the propeller). Do not remove old VELOX PLUS from previous season (see recommendations, point 3.2). Do not remove factory finish from aluminium stern drives. For new propellers or other bare metal parts, go directly to point 2. 
2. Sand thoroughly all metallic surfaces with dry sandpaper n. 80, renewing it often. A dual action rotary sander can be used. Do not use wet sandpaper. The surface must be very rough after sanding. Do not use coarser than 80 grit, nor finer, nor worn out sandpaper. Do not use scotch brite. We do not reccomend sandblasting unless done by an experienced professional. 
3. Wash and degrease carefully all metallic surfaces with a wax and grease remover and a clean rag. Change rag frequently, especially in case of new or folding propellers, which usually have more grease on them. NEVER use acids, other solvents, water, detergents, soaps. 

NOTE: We suggest protecting bare aluminium with an appropriate epoxy coating. This is not necessary when aluminium is already protected with factory finish (like new stern drives). On epoxy coatings or on factory finish, just lightly sand the surface with abrasive pad (like Scotch Brite) or fine sandpaper (n. 180-220) and apply METAL PRIMER. 

Apply one coat of METAL PRIMER (maximum wet film thickness 100 µm, dry film thickness 35 micron). We suggest application with a small/medium brush. Leave it dry for at least 3 hours at 20°C. A light coat is enough, applying thicker coats than recommended may result in worsened adhesion. 
2. Apply one coat of VELOX PLUS by brush (wet film thickness 100 µm, dry film thickness 35 µm). Apply it with continuous long brush strokes. Avoid going back and forth on the same spot, as this will soften too much the METAL PRIMER. As pictured below, full coverage will not be achieved with first coat of VELOX PLUS. The first coat will normally slightly soften the primer, showing some of its green colour. 
3. Wait at least 3 hours at 20° then apply a second coat of VELOX PLUS (wet film thickness 100 µm, dry film thickness 35 µm). For best result, apply it by brush with long and continuous strokes, perpendicular to the brush strokes of the first coat. A third coat of VELOX PLUS should be applied to obtain perfect coverage. 

Drying Times





Dust Out

30 min

20 min

15 min

Touch Dry

3 hours

2 hours

1.5 hours

For Re-coating*

6 hours

3 hours

2 hours

For Launching*

24 hours

12 hours

8 hours

**When possible, it is advisable to wait longer times between coats to allow the coating to dry well in-depth. There is no maximum interval between coats.

• Prepare the surface carefully: at the time of applying METAL PRIMER all metallic surfaces should be very rough and clean (free from grease, dust, fingerprints, sweat, water, soap or any kind of dirt or contaminating agent). 
• NEVER use acids or acid products to clean or remove barnacles from the surface before applying METAL PRIMER and VELOX PLUS. 
• Do not use other solvents than the ones recommended to clean the metallic surfaces. Do not use water, detergents, soaps before applying METAL PRIMER. 
• Do not touch surfaces with bare hands. Contaminated surfaces will dramatically reduce adhesion and will likely cause detachments. 
• Do not apply METAL PRIMER or VELOX PLUS on any other antifouling. Do not apply VELOX PLUS on bare metal without METAL PRIMER. 
• Do not apply on other one component primers. 
• Stir very thoroughly METAL PRIMER before application as both contain heavy particles that may sediment.

Health and Safety 
DISPOSAL: Do not discard tins or pour paint into water courses, use the facilities provided. It is best to allow paints to harden before disposal.

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