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The outer Nylon & Elastine layer of the Team® Waterproof Gloves provides you with the most comfortable fit by conforming to the shape of your hands, whilst also protecting your hands from the elements.


The Team® Waterproof Gloves are completely waterproof, allowing your hands to stay completely dry when in water.

Breathable and lightweight

The middle Waterproof & Breathable Membrane layer provides full breathability for your hands, whilst at the same time providing 100% waterproof protection. This allows your hands to stay both ventilated and dry when you're wearing them.


The inner layer of the Team® Waterproof Gloves uses both soft Cotton & Elastine to ensure that no matter your activity, your hands will always stay warm and comfortable throughout the day.

Extra grip

Silicone dots are embedded into the palm of the Team® Waterproof Gloves providing extra durability and grip.

Wind resistant

The Team® Waterproof Gloves protect you against the wind, keeping your hands warm and dry in harsh conditions.

Ideal for your hiking, cycling, boating, camping & fishing outdoor pursuits

Whether you're hiking over mountains, traveling the seas, cycling, on a camping adventure, or even just at work, the Team® Waterproof Gloves will always keep your hands warm and dry. They're also great for construction, mining, engineering, agriculture, food & health, transport and metal work.