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The SOS Dan Buoy is patented, man overboard equipment, ready for instant deployment.
The ultra fast and reliable self-righting properties ensure that just when time matters most,the SOS Dan Buoy is always ready.
It increases vital visibility and buoyancy for the person overboard.
The SOS Dan Buoy system is compact, easy to use and very visible. It all folds away in an easily stowed carry bag.


• Ready-to-go man overboard equipment.

• SOS Dan Buoy is packed into a portable valise-compact, ready for use. Tested to elements of ISO 12402.

• Self-contained disposable CO2 inflation system – the same mechanism as an inflatable lifejacket.

• A large drogue (120cm circumference x 60cm long) to reduce downwind drift. Designed along life raft specifications.

• The SOS Dan Buoy marker allows the person overboard to place their arms through the webbing loops, giving an extra sense of security and stability, especially when fatigued, until help arrives.

• SOS Marine has made every effort to augment visibility. The fluorescent yellow, 2.5 metre streaming ribbon waves back and forth in a breeze, allowing it to be seen up to 1700 metres.

• Fitted with an automatic SOLAS light for night rescues and SOLAS grade high-visibility, retro-reflective tape.

• Easy maintenance and service. Lightweight (weighs 4 kilos) and compact for transport and stowing on all vessels.

• Service Window: provides the added benefit of detecting, at a glance, that the SOS Dan Buoy is set to go. There is also a service reminder inside the flap.

• Reusable and repackable – only requires a 33gram replacement cylinder and an activation cartridge.

• The SOS Dan Buoy has the extra benefit of removing the drogue and attaching an anchor, so it can then be used as a temporary marker for wrecks, channels, and dive or crash sites, at sea.

• SOS Dan Buoy is smaller than a tackle box; extremely beneficial for safety in small boats, like the fisherman’s “tinny”.

• Watch the SOS Dan Buoy in action at:

• The ultimate Dan Buoy for all size vessels. Introducing a new level of safety for man-overboard.