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Fix8 Silicone  - High quality architectural grade single component structural silicone.

Fix8 is a neutral cure, medium modulus silicone with excellent physical properties used in the Transport, Construction and Marine industry. Suitable for typical sealing and structural bonding in glazing applications with metal, aluminium, Corian® most plastics and fibreglass substrates.

Fix8 is an anti mould construction silicone that exhibits excellent physical properties in both internal and external applications and displays excellent weatherability and UV resistance. It is suitable for glazing applications, bonding and sealing in kitchen and bathroom finishing and where the use of silcone-based sealant is acceptable. Fix8 cures into a high performing colourfast flexible rubber sealant in waterproofing and structural applications.

  • Suitable for the installation of glass windows & mounting and sealing of window frames.
  • Suitable for the sealing of all openings in roof construction and glass curtain wall construction.
  • Suitable for sealing and bonding within the Automotive industry.
  • UV and weather resistant in marine exposure.
  • Easy to tool and finish. Fixtech does not recommend the use of chemicals or solvents during the process of tooling. Please refer to the TDS for information
  • Good compatability with other sealants.
  • Excellent gap filling capacities.
  • Minimal health and safety risks to the user.