Windex Medium, Unifix 10 bracket, vertical or horizontal mount

Windex Medium, Unifix 10 bracket, vertical or horizontal mount

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  • Suitable for family and racing boats between 25 and 30 feet
  • Medium unfix 10 bracket, vertical or horizontal mount
  • 250mm (10)in. vane length

The WINDEX 10 Medium Bolt-On Wind Vane is suitable for family or racing sailing boats with mast heights up to 8-9 meters (25-30 feet). Although this is smaller model it retains the famous and superior Sapphire suspension technology, which make it possible to recognize changes in the wind direction as small as one degree. Like all WINDEX models it is extremely sturdy in all wind conditions and it has been wind tunnel tested in speeds up to 80 knots!

WINDEX consists of a moving vane and two fixed reference tabs. The balanced vane has low inertia, large fin area and low-friction suspension sapphire. These qualities make the Windex respond quickly and accurately at wind speeds as low as 0.1 metre/second. (=2/10 knots).

The suspension consists of a sapphire bearing rotating on a stainless steel pinpoint. The front and rear end of the vane and the two reference tabs are light reflecting for good visibility during night sailing.

WINDEX 10 Medium Bolt-On Wind Vane Features:

  • Length: 10 inches/25 cm
  • Sapphire jewel suspension
  • Weight: 38g
  • Reflective surfaces on vane tabs
  • Can be fitted with WINDEX Light