Reinforced Hose for water -12mm - sold per metre

Reinforced Hose for water -12mm - sold per metre

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Multi-purpose food contact pressure hose with a UV stabilised blue tint PVC inner and outer layer, with polyester mesh reinforcing for strength and durability.

Safe and non-toxic for use with drinking water - made to Australian Standard AS2554 & AS2070. Non toxic - but can leave a taste.

Suitable for short term use with oil and petrol based products - but NOT to be used for permanent fuel lines. Suitable for pump suction lines, bilge pump outlet, toilet installations, drains and many other applications.

Supplied in 20 metre reels or in cut lengths per metre 

RWB-3576 6mm
RWB-3577 8mm
RWB-3578 10mm
RWB-3579 12mm
RWB-3580 16mm
RWB-3581 20mm
RWB-3582 25mm
RWB-3583 32mm
RWB-3584 38mm
RWB-3585 50mm