Neoprene Skin Top, 1.5mm, Black, XXL

Neoprene Skin Top, 1.5mm, Black, XXL

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  • Developed in conjunction with our team sailors and leading experts in the latest materials and production techniques, Ronstan’s wetsuits integrate an intelligent layering system that delivers performance, warmth and flexibility for any conditions, regardless of the kind of sailing you do.
  • 1.5mm (1/16”) thick - Lightweight and super-tough
  • High-Stretch Fabric - Includes seamless underarm panels for freedom of movement
  • Plush Thermal Lining - Soft-feel fleece that is quick drying
  • Non-Chafe Neoprene Collar - Glideskin collar & cuffs for greater comfort


PROTECTION, PERFORMANCE AND COMFORT - Designed by sailors for sailors, our range of wetsuits are put to the test at the most extreme levels, in all conditions. You know you’ll be covered, whatever the conditions.

LAMINATES FOR WARMTH - Our high-performance materials are formed into specifically functional laminates, distributed strategically within the panel layout for optimum water repellency, drying speed, thermal comfort and wind protection.

ULTIMATE FLEXIBILITY - Carefully selected high-stretch fabrics in varying thicknesses maximise comfort and flexibility. They feel soft, yet have the ability to retain their shape, fit and thermal attributes.

LAYERING OPTIONS - Integral to the Ronstan range is a choice of layering options to suit any weather conditions. Whether it’s a UV-protection ‘rashie’, a hydrophobic fleece-lined thermal top or our Skiffsuit™, just mix and match for any conditions.

LIGHTWEIGHT - Sailors know that thinner usually means lighter, and we put the focus on efficiency. The high-performance neoprene foam in our CL250 neoprene pants is 20% lighter than conventional neoprene, with no compromise on warmth. You’re ready to sail!