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This is HUGE! New big venue, lots of never-before offered gear at greatly reduced price - up to 70% off RRP.

The famous Henri Lloyd Pop-Up Warehouse sale is on now. Open every day between now and Christmas Eve, see open hours below.

New deliveries arriving every day

Hurry, items are priced to clear so get in quick!

Huge range of samples and discontinued lines from Henri Lloyd's marine, footwear and lifestyle collections for men and women. Discounts of up to 70% off original RRP.

100% waterproof, windproof and highly breathable jackets, vests, waisted trousers and hi-fits from the Offshore, Coastal, Harbour, Sports Boat and Fast-Dri ranges at greatly reduced prices. Last season’s Ultimate Cruiser Jacket/Hi-Fits and Osprey Jackets will be offered for the first time. Warm wear jackets and vests on offer. Drainage trainers, classic leather boat shoes and lightweight marine grade trainers also available. These won’t hang around for long.

And it’s a great time to pick up all the gear you need for Summer and Christmas presents – travelling, skiing, hiking and of course sailing there is a jacket for it at the pop-up sale. Henri Lloyd lifestyle sample collection and discontinued lines are also on sale. With approximately 2000 samples received each year there is plenty to choose from for both men and women. Woollen knits, rugby tops, classic polos, stunning woven shirts, European made jeans, and much much more at very good prices.

Where: Henri Lloyd Pop Up Store, 270 Willoughby Rd, Naremburn, NSW 2065.

Hours: 10am - 5pm Monday to Saturday

Tel: 02 9437 6543 for more details

WIN a sailing day aboard Wild Oats XI


She's had a nose job, had a little taken off her rear ... and she's looking better than ever. No, I'm not talking about Aunty Marlene, but Australia's most favourite super-maxi Wild Oats XI.

Fresh from her recent overhaul, Wild Oats XI is back out on the water with her crew getting used to her new characteristics as they prepare for the 2015 Rolex Sydney Hobart yacht race. Now faster and with improved handling downwind, the Wild Oats XI crew and owners Bob and Sandy Oatley are meeting the challenge of newer yachts Comanche and Rambler head-on. Her hydrofoil wing and retractable daggerboards are just some of the improvements aimed at keeping Wild Oats XI, now 10 years old, competitive in an unprecedentedly strong field.

With an unbeaten 8 line honours and a race record, set in 2012, of 1 day, 18 hours, 23 minutes and 12 seconds, Wild Oats XI has already proven herself a force to be reckoned with. These new improvements should make for an exciting Sydney-Hobart race this year.

Despite these changes, one thing has remained consistent over the years, and it's something that we are extremely proud of. Henri Lloyd has partnered with Wild Oats XI for the past decade, providing crews with high performance, technically innovative sailing gear. Our clothing provides crews with exactly what they need: strength, ultimate protection, ease of movement, reduced weight and, of course comfort.

With just on a month to go, this year's Rolex Sydney Hobart yacht race is set to be a close one. Four other super-maxis will be providing Wild Oats XI's crew plenty of opportunities to put her modifications to good use. Skippered again by Mark Richards, and with Juan Vila back as navigator, the 18-strong crew will be giving their all to get the very best out of their yacht.

Henri Lloyd is celebrating their partnership with Wild Oats XI by offering a day sailing on Sydney Harbour aboard Wild Oats XI for two lucky winners in the first week of February 2016.

For your chance to win this amazing experience simply answer the following question and fill out the competition form.

Competition winners sailing day aboard Clipper Race Yacht Visit Seattle



I used to think that nothing beat a day sailing.
Yesterday changed my mind.
The only thing better than a day sailing is a day sailing aboard a 70 foot Clipper yacht.
Yesterday will be remembered as "the best day ever".

Eight excited Henri Lloyd competition winners, one fabulous skipper, four amazing crew and me, Susana, from Henri Lloyd. You can just call me Lucky!

Even before our meeting at CYCA early yesterday I was excited. The forecast was perfect. Sunshine and wind, every sailors dream. I could spot the lucky competition winners from far away, just by the excited look on their faces.

Our first (and only) problem of the day was experienced before we even got on board, let alone set sail. We headed off for a pre-sail coffee only to discover the cafe had NO coffee. Thankfully our pure excitement took the place of caffeine and we settled for water. The Clipper Race global partnership manager, Aimee Deacon, then introduced us to Huw, skipper of 'Visit Seattle' Clipper Yacht. He took us to see his yacht to meet the crew ... all ladies (maybe we should call him Lucky).

Huw explained the set up of clipper yacht and provided us with a safety talk and gave us all life vests. Soon after, we slipped ropes and the crew took us smoothly away from our mooring at CYCA.

And then the fun started. Our competition winners were invited to take turns doing jobs around the boat; manning the winches (grinders), trimming the sails and running from port to starboard as we tacked our way along. I, however, had the hardest job of all - taking photos of the day and uploading to Instagram as we sailed. Thankfully I am good at multitasking!


It was a beautiful day, and once we were out of the heads it was all hands on deck as we faced bigger swells and had to work harder to get the best from our beautiful yacht. We got a taste of the impressive speeds these impressive race yachts can reach. Thankfully, though, we got to take a rest when we got tired and enjoy the view.

Sailing past some of Sydney's icons, I couldn't help but think of how lucky the crew taking part in the Clipper Round The World Yacht Race are. They get to see the sights of 16 cities, in 13 different countries on 6 continents as they sail over 40,000 nautical miles.

Our skipper, Huw and his wonderful crew; Dana, Ana, Anita and Kärri took good care of us and told us many stories of their adventure to date, from the horror of being struck by a flying fish, to how close they've all become as friends, and them all dreading heading back to their old jobs once the race is finished sometime in late July, 2016. We were all amazed that, aside from Huw, the rest of the crew are all amateurs from all over the world.


That's the beauty of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race ... that it brings together people from different countries, with different backgrounds, varying amounts of sailing knowledge and experience and provides them with the chance to put their regular life on hold and take part in something extraordinary. Applications for the next Clipper Race series are open now.

Despite having had the pleasure of sailing experience day on a Clipper yacht during the 2013-14 race (I know, it's a hard job), I was in for a special treat this time. As we sailed out towards the heads we sailed past the enormous maxi yacht, Ragamuffin 100 and later on Wild Oats XI, complete with her new nose. Both were busy preparing for the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, which the entire fleet of Clipper Race yachts also take part in.

Henri Lloyd has been proudly associated with the Clipper Race since 2002, supplying the best sailing kit to the crews on each of the 12 race yachts. The race takes crews through a range of climates - from warm equatorial waters, through the Southern Ocean with its trademark Antarctic winds, and then back up to warmer winds again, and our race kit caters for it all!

We were lucky to have shared a small part of their adventure and would like to thank Huw, crew members Dana, Ana, Anita and Kärri for a spectacular day out on the water. Finally, our thanks to Clipper's Aimee Deacon for her help in organising such a wonderful experience for us.
Good luck on the remaining a Clipper Race legs, and the upcoming Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. I'll be keeping an eye out on Visit Seattle and look forward to tracking your race on the Clipper Race online tracker:


GABY CARR (BLOG) Hammo highlights 2015

2am, Espresso Martinis and an impromptu dash to Whitehaven, what could possibly go wrong ……… well nothing actually!
Seems sometimes the best laid plans really are those made at a moment’s notice.
After a fantastic Allegro crew dinner at Coca Chu, we decided that a stop by the Tanqueray bar for some G&T sampling was in order.
For a while now a small section of the crew (Glenny & Becs) have been quietly campaigning for the Espresso Martini to be considered a boat staple and given status alongside the Bloody Mary and G&T … you know where there’s a specially carved hole in the bar the fits the bottle perfectly, where the ingredients are on every pre-sail checklist, right up there with diesel and mooring lines and every crew member can expertly bang out as many as required with all the skill of a New York bartender.
So no surprise then that the G&T’s quickly gave way to said Espresso Martinis and as the hours dwindled away, thoughts turned to the early morning start for the lay day trip across to Whitehaven.

With a late departure not an option if we wanted to make it to Hill Inlet as well .. and of course we did .. somebody jokingly (?) suggested that perhaps we should just “go now”
Never has an idea taken hold so quickly and with such enthusiasm …. With a half hour deadline to be back at the boat, the crew split to all corners literally sprinting bare foot, to pack.
Everyone landed back at the boat, ready with dingy, anchor, outboard, and provisions collected, thanks to the dodgy buggy temporarily coming good – either actually powered by that outboard on the back or fuelled by enthusiasm as Bec would say. Everyone, equally surprised & delighted that nobody had been overcome with a dose of ”let’s be sensible & go in the morning”. The only real casualty being a mobile phone left behind in the buggy, as we pushed off stealth like into the night

After not many hours sleep, how glorious it was to wake-up to the stunning Whitehaven beach sprawled before us.
It’s a pretty special boat that can deliver a first place trophy during the day & then comfortably sleep 11 at literally a moment’s notice – no pipe bunks or sleeping on sails here!
Kicking off with early morning swims, cooked breakfast, sunbaking and a very long beach walk to blow out the cobwebs.
Come lunchtime, as the steady stream of incoming boats continued, after the salmon & before the prawns, but during the champagne … off we went to Hill Inlet, which has to be up there with one of the most spectacular days anywhere!
Some of the crew had dropped anchor here a week earlier, at low tide which basically meant carrying the dingy over coral most of the way (see it’s not all glamour on the superyacht), we had a much easier run this time. From the spectacular lookout to the squeaky white beach, which we only tormented Will with a little bit, it was like walking in a postcard & hard to believe we’d all been freezing in Melbourne just days earlier, the day was complete with an apparent Dugong sighting and some slightly odd seagull education at the lookout, which I’m sure was just for Skips benefit, the seagull being his favourite wildlife … no, really!

As we rounded Qualia at sunset on the return we really had pulled off the perfect day. The kind of day that’s harder to find than a Henri Lloyd puffer vest or Glenny’s hat.
Race week certainly delivered this year, fantastic racing & results (a 1st, a 2nd and after a couple of less impressive finishes a surprise overall 3rd) amazing food & wine, (mostly) spectacular weather, whales, more laughs than you can imagine with the greatest of company and just the odd G&T ….. and Bloody Mary, & oh those Espresso Martinis!!

Needless to say it was a dusty start the next day!
Thanks Hammo, Go Allegro!
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